Development/Construction Management

SkyWalker Property Partners has the internal capabilities and controls to perform ground up development, redevelopment and construction management and will review opportunities individually to determine the merit of each project. SkyWalker Property Partners is not currently looking at any new speculative developments but is looking at buil-to-suit opportunities or projects with a lead tenant secured.

As an investor, we understand capital improvements must stay within budget yet deliver anticipated returns. It's often about value engineering. Our expertise lies in deciphering cost versus value, developing requests for proposals and managing all project phases from concept to completion, including the financials.

Among our third-party projects are:

  • 2014 - Developed a multifamily redevelopment plan for a historic building.
  • 2014 - Implemented a $600.000 HVAC and Energy Management System.
  • 2012 – Creating an RFP and interviewing medical developers for a 75,000 SF medical office development.
  • 2011 – Demolishing a retail center and then reconfiguring and re-platting the acreage into three tracts for re-sale. The re-positioning required new fire lanes, utilities and other key services to the parcels.
  • 2010 – Implementing a $2.2 million improvement package for common areas and the finish out of an office building to earn LEED certification to facilitate a 40,000 SF lease for a GSA tenant.
  • 2009 - $500,000 project to replace HVAC system and modernize elevators for 118,000 SF Class A office building.
  • 2008 - $400,000 project to replace the mechanical system and install replacement TPO roof system for a 75,000 SF Class B office building.

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